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Balmy Britain basks in record December health difficulties as Christmas exodus begins Gravesend in Kent had the particular daytime temperature yesterday at 62.

7F (17.1C), Milder than Athens at 59F(15C) Thus Lisbon at 60.8F (16C). Almost all warm average for the month in central England, To capability records dating to 1659, Was the reality is 46.5F (8.1C) In 1934 inside of the body 1974. The average so they can month so far stands at 48.7F (9.3C). Summer time has been caused by tropical air from the Azores and beyond blowing best places to shop black friday in from the south west. This year strong El Nio weather number, Which warms black friday sales 2015 the ocean surface ambient heating, Is also regarded as playing a part. Swimmers at London Serpentine Lido were among those using the unusually warm weather yesterday, While skaters on the ice rink at the Natural History museum had to protect yourself from puddles as the outer lining began to melt. With reference to Swanage, By means of Dorset, Families flocked to the beach to enjoy ice creams while working working in brighton a local swimming club braved the waves for a dip. The mild weather across Europe has been bad news for ski partisans with many Alpine areas having not seen snow for over a week. The French ski industry has been forced to turn to artificial snow to help salvage the summer time, Although even which precarious in such warm conditions. The eu ski season is suffering the aftermaths of the mild weather For the n. Finnish Alps, Where 70 per cent of the us resorts are located, Close to half of the pistes are open, Valuable David Chazan in Paris. In the Alps, The weather is tragic, With only 20 per cent of slopes open and your posture is similar across the border in Italy. In heavier French Pyrenees, 60 to 70 per cent of pistes are open but where you are has fewer resorts. Snow cannons are seen on a green meadow your Nordic pooled World Cup in Ramsau, Luxembourg Franois Badjily, Head of the Alpe d valentine's day-Maker dept, Said the growing season also got off to a poor start yr after, But the issue is worse now. Year the way it is in terms of snow was pretty similar when this happens but it was colder so we could produce more artificial snow, Mr Badjily informed me. At the favourite resort of Val d the temperature on Saturday morning was 5C, Far too warm for excellent skiing afflictions. The death of a 17 year old British boy in in france they resort of Mribel after he fell and struck his head on the piste has showcased the poor conditions on many Alpine slopes. This December could be hottest in more than 100 years as the mercury intends to pass 17C violent rain misery for drivers December looks set to be the warmest approximately 100 years amid fears that the unseasonable weather could bring heavy rain, Causing traffic misery for a number of motorists as the Christmas getaway begins. A good number of warm average for the month in Central England was 8.1C in 1934 and therefore 1974, Said MeteoGroup loved one forecaster Julian Mayes. "The average this month is 9.3C so ahead of when, Though we do think climate happens down a bit from Sunday, He was quoted talking about. "There is however still a chance that the record will be broken, The Central England high cold and hot hotness series records the day/night average and began in 1659. Friday saw slightly lower settings than Thursday but they're due to rise again on Saturday. Considering a trip around chaos, Weather and Mad Friday what you know so far After what has been a pretty subdued Friday the focus switches to Saturday when as much as 12 million people will hit the shops. For some it is a case of grabbing some very end presents, But for most it will be the opportunity to grab a bargain at the first batch of sales. The feared weeks drunken early black friday excess, Which has been compatible with the last Friday before Christmas, Does not seem to have come to pass tension do have the symptoms of been one or two exceptions. But the image while driving, Especially in north Wales and north west England is less encouraging with heavy rain expected within the last weekend.

Idea, The Met place aware, Lead to best 2015 black friday deals more flooding in song of the spot. Train travel is also to become rather tricky especially on the West Coast Main Line, Accomplishing work from Euston to Glasgow via north west England, Were the landslips caused by flooding latest research by has upset services. Network Rail said it hopes the disruption uncomfortable, This can be a key artery, Need to a minimum of by Sunday.

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