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black friday deals coupons

black friday deals coupons

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AT to DirecTV for Unique.

It's Tuesday may thirteenth the New York financial markets are open and today's big number fifty billion dollars. That's how much AT is reported about to acquire DirecTV the nation's biggest satellite TV provider. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York nominee tell us all that major merger toll from Yahoo! Economical. So it's been talked about for a short time but suddenly this merger deal could be gaining some momentum how soon could this deal done. While the reports That in fact is happening but all the reports are pretty much an agreement that it might be such as a fifty billion dollar five deal. The thing would allow AT to kind of fill out its offering. You know of membership services wireless broadband and now benefit for those a bigger video platform to bundle into that black friday cyber monthly package and then offered people. And we're talking over AT somewhere in 95 and a hundred dollars a share for DirecTV if this deal goes through and then gaining a significant black friday early deals foothold. In both the US and Latin American television markets does this deal make sense financially for AT and consumers. Unfortunately. But it does make sense from a strategic point of view everyone seems to think you must be able to package all of these these communications and video services AT has a big hole when it comes subscription. Fork out out up TV. And this would fill that and then Latin American exposure AT has very much a domestic business and they really wanna have that outlet to grow international I was going to ask you about the strategy give me an idea how DirecTV would. Benefit AT when. Chart now the idea would be be able to copy similar to what. Do do you know what say what Comcast can offer you where they say in home video. But not pay only TV. Broadband and today they will really also partner with some wireless carriers to do it on third party basis so eighteenth he can basically say hear one payment we're giving you. Phone the online world TV. That's the main idea there and it's not clear in which in this world wants the interesting thing about it is all these deals seem to be happening. At a time when all round market for pay TV is peak and is this declining slowly as people go to Netflix and always Ala carte services how does this potential merger deal fit in with some other merger deals specially the Comcast Time Warner and what regulatory hurdles. T and T have minimize. So if it's his all the players that's available are saying we growth business and pay TV we have to kind of band together and get efficiencies and also get what they aspire to is negotiating power. With the thanksgiving day sales 2015 actual TV networks the cable networks them that's that the big pitch with the Time Warner Comcast. Proposed mergers well has to be big. Buyer on TV network and also multimedia therefore we can drive a harder bargain to make it better for consumers it's unclear if that if who advertise would ever actually pay off. I think it's probably neutral at best for consumers and all these cases as opposed to the thing would be tremendously beneficial from the get ago. It's possible to have some pricing efficiencies if in fact eighteenth he can be your sole provider of all those for various services in one place and was sprint likely to obtain T Mobile whereas Verizon as all these huge industry redefining deals. Take model. While verizon course it you know it still is your and often considered the best wireless provider. It's 50% or black friday online specials almost 50% owned by Vodafone in the UK and and in fact they want Vodafone wants the kind of cell that part of the market to their katic consumed with this would perhaps finding a buyer for that piece of verizon are buying it themselves. They also do have the bios broadband and video service in some of there service area so that's something they at least have connection with that sort of you know monthly bundle. But you know in theory down the road at this these deals redefine what being is and Verizon may need to do something when adjusting element of DirecTV. Proposed deal or at least conjecture deal at the outset. Is that it's often to on paper that DirecTV and dish the satellite providers sound right to merge.

But regulators might not look so kindly on that so at this point people are finding ways to appease regulators say it's going to better for consumers and find the business efficiencies and time. Even gazing at the big number I'm Michelle Franzen idaho. This records has been routinely generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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