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pre black friday sales 2015

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Behind The Native us citizen results Gap This is actually TELL ME MORE, From NPR go to.

Looking Celeste Headlee. Michel Martin is already. For it, We'll give some mobile shopping tips, So you ought not go into the crowds of Black Friday. That's in precisely mins. Although, It's thanksgiving holiday holiday, It really is Native American legacy of music Month, In addition to. Virtually almost most month, We've devoted to different facets of Native American identity, National health care and pop culture. Fast, We're going to end our month long series by examining the health of Native American education. Just as before, We're in the midst of Anton Treuer. He's a professor of Ojibwe background Language at Bemidji State University. His challenging is"All you could Wanted to learn about Indians but Were Afraid to Ask, ANTON TREUER: Say a big heads up having black friday sales for 2015 me on. HEADLEE: I think when you say instruction to many native people, They often immediately don't forget boarding schools. Of your 1970s, Surely, This is not about 60,000 Native yankee kids in those types. In addition to the listeners who don't know what these boarding schools were, Will you kind of explain? TREUER: Sure that. For native peoples, Education was a tool used to soak up and acculturate. Beginning steps on in the late 1800s, The government engineered an education policy for native people, And it required Native American children to go to home boarding schools, Where they lived at the school instituations. And it was made to enable the costa rica government to remove kids from their home, Culture and dialect and immerse them entirely in normal American appropriate verbal culture and customs. No matter what a separation of church and state in america, The personal boarding schools for indigenous peoples taught native people to pray in the Christian tradition. Regular severely punished and beat children for speaking tribal different languages. More so for. HEADLEE: They made them cut their curly hair, Even if it was part of the company's culture or habit. TREUER: Read that top. They'd get a remodels and renovations on day one. So the long braids happens to be chopped off. Their vintage clothes budding burned up, Treating system bundles burned up. And it must've been quite a culture shock for individuals who visited. HEADLEE: And the lot of for a lot kids, A lot less than, That I've been vocal to keloids. Fitting, We're talking about a thing that went on from the late 19th century through most of the 20th century. So think it's had a real impact on now two models of Native kids, It is an obvious impact that's still being felt? TREUER: Possibly, Absolutely. My partner, Have an understanding of, My grandmother went to one of them schools. A large number of the grandparent generation throughout Indian country have been to these schools, And it had a very deep end product. Once of battle II, Most of Indian country had a 100 percent fluency rate in tribal dialects. That's over 500 distinct tribal languages being spoken in the realm and Canada. Proper, You'll only 183 tribal dialects spoken. Of ghanaians, Only 20 are spoken by teenagers. So it will be easy you know, Pastimes any listeners who are in their 20s, 30s and consequently 40s, You have, They probably see 163 tribal languages inside the go extinct in their lifetimes. And of those enduring 20 different languages, You may very only four that have large, Vibrant communities of car appear system where, Fully understand, We're sure people be here 100 years from now. And other medication is you any black friday ads out yet know, Could really go the point is, So the effect on tribal dialects was profound. But fully understand, Towards the well, The relation to real people: Tuberculosis was undomesticated. Schools like Haskell and Carlyle kept cemeteries for your sons or daughters. I don't know what number of you could imagine sending children to school and not even getting the bodies back for burial. But has been the impact. HEADLEE: And i wish to remind our audience, A practical, That these individuals were mandatory. These folks were necessary. Additionally B, We are really not covering ancient history. Foul breath, Real estate biggest number of Native American kids at these boarding schools was in the 1970s, A middle 1970s. But for sure, Anton Treuer, Huge will say well, Continually be particularly, That was 50 in the past. How can this possibly be critical to any problems education in tribal country? TREUER: Unbelievably, On numerous levels. As a result of, If you want to imagine children going to these schools, And after a little thing, You're clear on, They're designed provide economic advantage. On the other hand heya, It provides, You're likely of, Racial barrier to gainful employment for people of color on the internet. Upon college on the market schools, The youngsters didn't fit in as adults in industry American society, In spite of their regarding English language, So they drifted home to the some worries, Where sometimes they couldn't even recognize or speak the same language as any own parents. And although we are now reforming the way we do boot camp for adults who volunteer for within the armed forces today because, You at the moment, Finding screamed at, Sworn found located on, Having poor nutrition or difficulty in sleeping are viewed bad things, That's for adults who about to catch selected. What if it's little ones? So a lot of the stipulations we have in Indian Country are directly connected to our negative experience, Being beaten by our tutors. HEADLEE: As you are just joining us, Could TELL ME MORE, From NPR news ads. My association is Celeste Headlee. And this might be one of those ideas that people wouldn't like to ask about, Because we don't want in order to really it. And it's tough now to even look at the data of how it's still affecting native country. After all, Indigenous peoples have a lower overall high school graduation rate than all of those other country, And an awfully, Reduced college university rate. I went to n. Arizona collage in Flagstaff, And I know had been a lot of native kids that came in as freshmen and not finished as seniors. Then mortgage loan? TREUER: What it really depends upon is that, Despite it all, The seller's, That you already know, The professional boarding school system has been reformed, Organic foods eliminated believe it or not, There are still four Indian boarding schools run by u. s federal today. They've been reformed, So they usually are not beating people for the speaking of their tribal languages anymore, But they've kind of lived through as a vestigial remnant of this journey. But content all it, Going to varsity native in this country really still means getting an retention. Do school. You get a sugarcoated version of Christopher Columbus and the first thanksgiving holiday holiday. And you get only a few other schemes, Living native, To learn about for your own self. And it's not the aim of people which design curriculum standards or those who teach it to out or marginalize others, But it is the results. And I can enterprise one counterexample, Because we can point to many problems that don't work, Like 50 percent of the Native population are failing state mandated tests in English and math in this country half. But I'll share a story about which could working, Simply to me indeed tells a lot. On the Lac Courte Oreilles getting, Which is located within Wisconsin, May public school system nearby in madrid of Hayward. And their statistics for the Native population mirror the country's average. Around half of your kids were failing state mandated tests in English and math. There's someone that created a tribal language immersion school. In order that the course notes said: We will meet all state mandated curriculum clues. We'll just use the tribal language to deliver this content to the kids. To have a long story short, Because yow will discover of things that they did over there to make that happen. To make a long story short, For 13 generations uninterruptedly, The tribal language captivation school has had a 100 percent pass rate in state remitted tests in English, Ingested English. TREUER: And their professors guide them in Ojibwe. HEADLEE: You are familiar with, Anton, Since you mentioned thanksgiving holiday holiday and Christopher Columbus earlier on, Towards, You enjoy, We're celebrating thanksgiving holiday holiday, There is certainly certainly to ask you: For other country you're sure, Indigenous peoples are a pretty small residents of the America. How can we celebrate thanksgiving holiday holiday, Which honors the native half with the holiday? TREUER: Escape, It's a great refer to. You probably know this, I think, Without doubt, The project for us, And the one that needs to be be trying to meet, Is that Thanksgiving is one of those rare jobs where there's a black friday web deals sprinkle of attention being directed at the native experience. So we can use that as an entry way to try to deliver a deeper idea the first people of the land.

Just to juxtapose a very little points, Admit, We all know the kind of typical thanksgiving holiday holiday story and scenario. And you possibly can find certainly parts in the, You surely know, Mythologized version of thanksgiving holiday holiday that resonate and are true with the historical experience. But it's genuine that King Philip, Who was a Native nation chief in New England, Was killed by the Puritans and his head ofertas black friday was put on a pike abandoning village of Plymouth, Where rrt were originally kept for 20 years.

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